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Monday thru Saturday from 4:00 – 8:00 pm. Closed Sundays.

NEW 2023 Updates


We are so thankful that Duffy’s let us start our Pizza Shop out of their kitchen, here in Madison. Duffy’s has given us such a great home, at this time we are not planning on moving our Pizza Shop to our Hubbard Rd building.

For anyone curious about the Mentor shop: unfortunately that opportunity did not work out. 

Check out our new 2023 Menu! We’ve added some new items and brought back a few crowd favorites.

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Our Secret Ingredients:

Our Flour:
Never Bleached, Never Bromated

We keep the chemicals out of our dough. Bromate and bleach were added to flour to shortcut the aging process. With modern technology, this is no longer needed but it’s still a common practice to reduce cost.

Sauce Made from Real Tomatoes, Not from Concentrate

This is why our sauce tastes better. Concentrated tomato products lack flavor and freshness. The slight sweetness in our sauce is from the quality of the tomatoes, not added sugar. 

Properly Fermented Dough

Properly fermented dough tastes better and is easier on the digestive system. Time is the secret – time to develop a “complex” taste. Just like microbrewed beer, or a fine wine, pizza dough gets better with age.

East Coast Cheese Blend
We use the best cheeses with no preservatives, fillers or artificial ingredients.
Our blend combines the richness of Mozzarella with exceptional flavor Provolone to give our pizzas it’s signature flare.

How is the Pizza?

Hands down my favorite pizza around. This is artisan pizza and you can taste it. The dough is fluffy and goes perfect with their sauce and it reheats great the next day.

Kitt L.
Madison, OH

Best pizza I’ve had in awhile!! My new favorite in town. Can’t wait to order it again!

Amanda G.
Madison, OH

I’ve never had better pizza. You need to try this. You won’t be disappointed!

Marc R.
Thompson, OH

Your Proper Soft Pretzel Experience Awaits!

We’re bringing the old world tradition of pretzel making to NE Ohio. Our attention to detail throughout every stage of the multi-hour process results in a dark brown crust and soft interior, delivering the texture and flavor desired by pretzel lovers around the world.

We use simple and straightforward ingredients with no added preservatives or fillers. We start with the basics: Flour, Water, Salt, and Yeast. Next, a secret blend of Barley Malt and Malt Powder is added to deepen the sought-after old-world soft pretzel flavor. Finally, we add Milk, Butter and Brown Sugar to smooth out the finish. Our dough is made in small batches and our products are rolled and shaped by hand.

A Proper Soft Pretzel

Artisan Flour:

Never Bleached, Never Bromated

Dough Quality:

No Added Chemicals, Preservatives, or Fillers


Set Outer Crust, Soft & Chewy Crumb


Authentic Pretzel Flavor, Malty Notes, Slight Sweetness

Are the Pretzels good?

These pretzels are absolutely amazing!

Scott M.
Beachwood, OH

Bill’s pizza, pretzels, and cinnamon donuts are amazing and showcase his passion for pizza and pretzels

Mike W.
Madison, OH

We ordered the pretzels and slider buns and could not be happier. Absolutely delicious.

Corissa K.
Painesville, OH


Starting 01/09/2023

You can find us hard at work inside Duffy’s Tavern.

Monday thru Saturday: 4:00-8:00pm

Closed Sunday

Inside Duffy’s Tavern: 60 W Main St, Madison Ohio, 44057

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