About Us

We’re the Hoon family. My name is Bill, my lovely wife is Kara and our two little rascals are Jackson and Kaylee. Eighteen years, a wedding and two beautiful children later, you’ll find us nestled into our cozy home here in Lake County.

Jackson and Kaylee are my inspiration for sharing Kay Jack Soft Pretzel with the world.  However, my passion for pretzels making was ignited long before either of them were born.  Since 2013, I made every soft pretzel recipe I could find online, reading everything I could about the dough-making process and testing the cause and effect of different ingredients, processes, and ratios. Each success brought on new challenges but in the end, I created a recipe and process I am proud of.

I’m often asked about the shape of my pretzel, meaning “why are the legs tucked behind the pretzel?” Early in my pretzel baking days, the legs would often overcook before the rest of the pretzel achieved the desired color.  This was partly due to my home oven and partly because I had no idea what I was doing.  As my skill progressed, I became accustomed to the subtle uniqueness of the shape and decided to make it our standard knot.

As a new business, we are starting slow, improving our process and building a foundation for success. We currently operate under Ohio’s Cottage Food Laws which means our soft pretzels are made in our home and our kitchen is not licensed by the State of Ohio.

We eventually want to move into a commercial kitchen space where we can expand our product offerings to stuffed pretzels. That’s right, I said stuffed Pretzels.

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Jackson’s First Pretzel

Kaylee’s First Pretzel Bake