Your Proper Soft Pretzel Experience Awaits!

Artisan Flour: Never Bleached, Never Bromated

Dough Quality: No Added Chemicals, Preservatives, or Fillers

Craftsmanship: Over 24 Hours of Dedication Goes Into Each Pretzel

Local: Hand-Rolled in Lake County, Ohio

Texture: Set Outer Crust, Soft & Chewy Crumb, Can Be Baked to Crunchy

Taste: Authentic Pretzel Flavor, Malty Notes, Slight Sweetness

Why Kay Jack?

We’re bringing the old world tradition of pretzel making to your doorstep. Our attention to detail throughout every stage of the multi-hour process results in a dark brown crust and soft interior, delivering the texture and flavor desired by pretzel lovers around the world.

How We


Think of Us As A Mobile Farmers Market Booth 

  • We bake a limited quantity of pretzels in our home kitchen each week.  

  • We take orders online and safely deliver our pretzels to your doorstep. 


  • Order cutoff for Saturday delivery is Friday at noon or when we sell out of Inventory.  

  •  At this time, we only sell & deliver to Customers in Lake County, Ohio.

Proper Pretzels



Once you taste our Soft Twisted Pretzels you’ll understand what we mean by a “Proper Pretzel Experience”



Slider Buns 1.5 oz

Try taking your favorite deli meats and build an award-winning appetizer in minutes



Enhance your favorite Burger, Pulled Pork, Shredded Chicken, Cheesesteak, French Dip, and more

“Hot Dog”


Hot Dog Buns 3 oz

These buns are also great for your favorite sausages, bratwurst or cheesesteak—think mini-sub bun! 

About Our Dough

We use simple and straightforward ingredients with no added preservatives or fillers. We start with the basics: Flour, Water, Salt, and Yeast. Next, a secret blend of barley malt and malt powder is added to deepen the sought-after old-world soft pretzel flavor. Finally, we add Milk, Butter and Brown Sugar to smooth out the finish. Our dough is made in small batches and our products are rolled and shaped by hand.


Our ingredients in order of weight: Flour, Water, Milk, Malt Powder & Barley Malt Blend, Butter, Brown Sugar, Yeast, and Salt.