Welcome to Kay Jack Pizza. We hope you enjoy your pizza as much as we enjoy making it for you.

Pizza is our passion!

“We are continuously amazed with the quality of pizza we produce in the back of a bar with a small, low cost, oven that wasn’t even designed for baking pizza. ”

Why is Kay Jack better?

“We’re not here to just talk about quality, we’re here to deliver it with every pizza baked”

Our Flour:
Never Bleached, Never Bromated

We keep the chemicals out of our dough. Bromate and bleach were added to flour to shortcut the aging process. With modern technology, this is no longer needed but it’s still a common practice to reduce cost.

Sauce Made from Real Tomatoes, Not from Concentrate.

This is why our sauce tastes better. Concentrated tomato products lack flavor and freshness. The slight sweetness in our sauce is from the quality of the tomatoes, not added sugar. 

Properly Fermented Dough

Properly fermented dough tastes better and is easier on the digestive system. Time is the secret – time to develop a “complex” taste. Just like microbrewed beer, or a fine wine, pizza dough gets better with age.

Whole Milk Mozzarella

With a rich flavor and a slightly softer and creamier texture, our Whole Milk mozzarella performs better then our competitors Skim Milk cheeses. Cheese, being the highest cost ingredient, is typically the first place our competitors cut corners.


We are so thankful for this fantastic opportunity to start our pizza shop out of Duffy’s, here in Madison, OH.

As a new company we are starting out slow. We will only be selling pizza on Saturday Nights to start. These pizzas are dine-in or carry-out only. Please keep in mind our oven can only cook one pizza at a time.


Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 

4:00pm to 9:00 pm


We can only make 45 pizzas a night.

Each pizza is cooked start to finish, one at a time.


Order at the Bar or Online

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Kay Jack Pizza at Duffy’s

Hours & Location

Thursday, Friday, Saturday:

4:00pm to 9:00 pm

Order at the bar or online


Inside Duffy’s Tavern

60 W Main St,

Madison, OH 44057